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Trailblazing Collaboration on Preclinical Screening Program

ABC2 and the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University formed the Preclinical Screening Program- a groundbreaking collaboration that establishes a critical missing link between the biopharmaceutical industry's efforts to produce potentially life-saving drugs and the theoretical knowledge at the cutting edge of scientific inquiry.

Funding allows researchers from any sector-academia, industry, and government- to submit compounds to Duke for screening that hold the potential to benefit brain cancer research free of charge.  Such an opportunity is highly unusual in the drug research and development arena, where funding is extremely scarce for studies that advance drugs from the laboratory to the clinic.  In particular, few companies can afford to invest their research dollars in finding cures for diseases that affect a comparatively small percentage of the population, as is the case with brain cancer.  

This program encourages researchers, corporations, and federal agencies to test both approved and experimental therapies that target other types of cancers for their potential benefit to brain cancer patients.  More than 150 compounds have been tested or are under consideration by this program.  Researchers at Duke have initiated trials for 18 therapies for brain tumor patients on the basis of results obtained through the Duke Preclinical Testing Program.

Learn more about the historic Duke Medicine/ABC2 partnership.

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