Pediatric Cancer Advocates Meet With National Cancer Institute Leadership To Advance Research

Max Wallace, CEO of Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, is the chair of the NCI’s Director’s Consumer Liaison Group (DCLG) – a group of patient advocacy leaders who provide the Director of the NCI with critical perspectives to improve outcomes for patients with all types of cancers.

The group met in February at the NCI campus in Bethesda, Maryland.  The day-long session focused on the barriers that are impeding the development of effective treatments for children with cancer and how advocacy groups could help advance research.  Experts from the NCI, FDA, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and a host of pediatric cancer advocacy organizations participated in the meeting.

This area is of particular interest for ABC2 because of the organization's recent support of the first pediatric brain tumor immunotherapy trial at University of Florida. Dr. Duane Mitchell is the principal investigator.  Mitchell and his team of 10 researchers are using new approaches to treat tumors that use a patient’s immune system to combat cancer alongside conventional treatments, such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. 

Click HERE for a copy of the DCLG agenda on "The Barriers to Drug Development in Pediatric Cancer Research".  Click HERE for videocast of the meeting.

The first DCLG meeting under Wallace's leadership was in December 2013.  The group addressed the issue of "The Future of Big Data To Improve Research."  Click HERE for the agenda of that session.

DCLG meetings are generally held on a quarterly basis and are always open to the public.  Click HERE to learn more about attending an upcoming meeting. 


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Maureen Lilly, Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy and Max Wallace, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure
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July 3, 2022 11:01 AM
ABC2 helped fund the early-stage research by Dr. Andrew Parsa that is now being developed by Agenus.
June 24, 2022 03:22 PM
Join us for the screening and meet Maria Parker, the inspiring cyclist profiled in the film.  Proceeds benefit 3000 Miles To A Cure in partnership with ABC2.
June 13, 2022 12:12 PM
Progress continues on the UF pediatric immunotherapy trial funded by ABC2, FBTA and Paul Hale of the Bret Hale Memorial Fund.

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