Fundraisers and Friendraisers Build Momentum

2011 was a very exciting year for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure in many ways, including our event and fundraising efforts.

At the end of 2010, we had our Race for Hope – DC and Florida Brain Cancer 5K events, but we knew that there was so much more we could be doing to help support the community and your desire to get involved in the fight against brain cancer.

We not only grew our existing events but also expanded our efforts to include some wonderful programs and partnerships:

Oldies but goodies…

·         Race for Hope – DC and the Florida Brain Cancer 5K:  Our core 5K events showed amazing growth this year. The 14th Annual Race for Hope – DC ( continued to earn its standing as the largest brain tumor event in the world, attracting more than 11,000 participants who came together to raise nearly $2.5 million!

And let’s not forget the promising efforts in Florida. In only its second year the FBC5K ( expanded to include more than 800 participants who came together to raise over $145,000.

These energized events are a great opportunity for our whole community to come together to celebrate hope and raise the funds needed to accelerate a cure. Both events are already up and running for the 2012 season and we are excited to see what we can accomplish together this year!

New Year, New Ideas…

·         Race Towards a Cure:  While we love our 5K Walk/Runs we know that there are many of you that want to take the challenge to the next level. That is why we launched our Race Towards a Cure Team. We had two great teams, Team Cure and No One Fights Alone, and 34 runners who participated in the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon. We were blown away by their physical and fundraising accomplishments…combined these amazing supporters ran 890.8 miles and raised over $76,000.

We look forward to others joining the team over the next year and participating in endurance events all over the country. To learn more or to register for the Race Towards a Cure team contact Reavey Burke at [email protected], or call 202-419-3144.

·         The LA Marathon: David Cook has been an amazing supporter of the Race for Hope – DC and ABC2 for a number of years. This year he also decided he wanted to take his commitment to the cause and fitness to the next level. David has decided to train for his first marathon and will be raising funds to benefit ABC2 through the LA Marathon. We wish him the best of luck in his training and will be cheering him on March 18th…Go David, Go!  Follow his fundraising progress at:

.        Justin’s Quest:  In 2011, we also made some wonderful new friends. Justin and the whole Friedlander Family, who have spent the last couple years supporting the brain tumor community, have become part of the Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure team and our fight to find a cure. Many of you probably know Justin from his previous efforts completing his quest to shoot 63,000 baskets to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research. We are working together to figure out what his next exciting challenge will be, so stay tuned! .

.         Brain Cancer Research Salons:  The salons are another new venture for us.  Hosted jointly with friends who have an interest in brain cancer, we will bring noted researchers and clinicians to meetings with small groups of invitees (20-40) to discuss the latest advances in research and patient care.  The first of these events was hosted this past November in Palm Beach by the Rendina family.  Derek Duckett, a researcher at Scripps Research Institute whose laboratory received one of our Florida Research Grants, was the speaker.  We are currently working on a number of other salons in select cities across the country.  These events are supported by a grant from Genentech.

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March 19, 2022 09:35 PM
Proceeds from the Florida Brain Cancer 5k support this ongoing partnership.
March 18, 2022 04:41 PM
ABC2 is working with Matt de Silva, co-founder of Notable Labs, to advance personalized treatments for brain cancer.

Join us in our fight for a cure!