Message from Kate Carr
Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure President and CEO

Momentum, hope, progress:  These are the words used to express the energy around brain cancer research these days.  These sentiments echo throughout each facet of the brain tumor community — from researchers and clinicians, government and industry leaders, patients, advocates and survivors.  Their optimism stems from measurable progress and advancement in the scientific understanding and treatment of brain tumors.

For us, a significant highlight of this quarter was the announcement of our 2007 Project Awards.  In this issue of Advance, we profile the translational research projects funded this year.  We also report on two inspiring May fundraising events: “Race for Hope DC” and the “Celebration of Hope.”  These events served as a source of inspiration and enabled us to double our research award funding this year.  We are creating a circle of hope, energy and action around brain cancer — and, together, we are driving progress.

Thank you for your support of Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure.  Your belief in our innovative approach continues to yield tangible results for patients with brain cancer.  We continue to relentlessly pursue the goal that one day all patients who are given a brain cancer diagnosis will be told they have a manageable disease.



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