First Quarter Update from President and CEO, Kate Carr

Today is the first day of spring – a day I always await with anticipation and greet with joy. Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure sees spring 2007 as a hopeful reminder of all that can be accomplished by gathering committed individuals in search of a cure.

  Spotlight on Research Collaboration –
Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and Duke University

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure shares a passionate commitment with Duke – a focus on making existing treatments more effective, discovering new treatments, and ultimately, finding a cure for brain cancer.

  Meet two of Duke’s Researchers

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure is funding Dr. Sampson’s work to develop a cancer vaccine for glioblastoma with a 2006 Project Award. Dr. Sampson is looking to establish a new therapy for brain cancer that will restrict damage to non-cancerous brain tissue.


Supported by Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, past Project Award winner Dr. Jeremy Rich has been working on novel research to accelerate brain cancer therapies through a variety of projects, including cancer stem cell research.

  The Cassidy & Pinkard Colliers Race For Hope – May 6, 2022

The passion and commitment to make a difference in the lives of people touched by brain tumors is the driving force behind the Cassidy & Pinkard Colliers Race for Hope.

  Profiles of Hope – 2007 Race Participants

“We are looking forward to being a part of this event as it is a way for us to help fund research that makes it possible for kids with tumors to survive and thrive.”


The Rosens have had a team in the race every year since Karen’s diagnosis, and she has walked across the finish line under her own power each year.


Nothing slows him down. “I just don’t hear the word, no,” explains Lionel. “I hear, there is someone else who wants to help people with brain tumors and I move on.”


“It is deeply touching to see so many survivors and families joining together, raising their arms in support of each other and the search for a cure – it is simply, a fantastic experience”

First Quarter update from President and CEO, Kate Carr
Spotlight on Research Collaboration – Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and Duke University
John Sampson, M.D.
  Jeremy Rich, M.D.
The Cassidy & Pinkard Colliers Race for Hope –
May 6, 2022
  Karen Rosen
  Sandy & Lionel Chaiken
  Steve Higgins


Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure selects its 2007 project award recipients in early May

Learn more about our Research Awards



"Avastin slows growth of gliomas,"

February 20, 2022




April 29th 2007 Haleiwa Metric Century bicycling event on the lovely north shore of Oahu.




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