Kayla is a brave little seven year-old girl. While small in size, she has shown the courage of a giant. Kayla is recovering from the surgery she underwent on February 19, 2022 to remove an ependymoma.  Exactly 21 days after her surgery, Kayla was jumping rope on the driveway.
With the support of her loving family, Kayla has made amazing progress in just a few short weeks. Kayla’s vibrant spirit has inspired an outpouring of assistance. “The encouragement our family has received has come from many different people in many special ways---well-wishes, prayers, hugs, laughter, a steady supply of fantastic meals and, amazingly, fundraising efforts.” said Eric. “While it has taken different forms, all of this support helps fuel our energy to keep going.”

“Our wonderful pediatrician and great friend, Caren Glassman, helped us get the right treatment for Kayla while her husband, Barry, went out and raised a $10,000 donation to help find a cure,” explains Laurie.  Another one of Kayla's many fans organized a team, “Kisses for Kayla,” to walk together during the Race for Hope DC.  “We are looking forward to being a part of this event as it is a way for us to help fund research that makes it possible for kids with tumors to survive and thrive,” said Laurie.  Within a few short weeks of registering a team on www.curebraintumors.org, Kisses for Kayla has more than 20 team members and has already raised more than $20,000. 

Laurie and Eric are encouraged to know that while Kayla is working to heal from her surgery, efforts are being made to improve future treatment options that could benefit their daughter and other patients. “We are already seeing the importance of advancing therapies---the doctors at Massachusetts General, a Harvard affiliated hospital, have decided that Kayla would benefit from a proton beam treatment program that may help to minimize the effects of the radiation on tissue outside the area to be treated.” Eric explains.  “We tell our friends that Kayla seems to have gained early admission to Harvard.” 

Kayla will start treatment soon and continues to improve every day.  In the meantime, she returned to a very warm welcome at school, a bunch of play-dates, and even some homework.  “While we have more hard work ahead of us, Kayla has cleared every hurdle so far and we look forward to more of the same,” said Laurie. “As for the Race for Hope DC, it is our hope that Kayla will be out there walking with all of her supporters on May 6th.”





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