First Quarter Update from President and CEO, Kate Carr

Today is the first day of spring – a day I always await with anticipation and greet with joy.  This year, I have even more to celebrate.  I received a message from a close friend with the results of her MRI scan on the one-year anniversary of her GBM diagnosis – and the results were excellent.  The scan was clean.  It is a moment like this that reminds me of the hopefulness we wish to bring to patients and families. Each new day, each new season, is a gift.  It is my hope that our work will bring many new days and exciting news to more and more patients.

We continue to follow the 11-center study of Avastin with standard chemotherapy as a therapy for recurrent brain tumors that, it is hoped, could lead to an approved therapy for patients with brain cancer.  For more on the encouraging results of Duke’s pilot study with Avastin and standard chemotherapy, as well as their participation as one of the centers in the larger, multi-institutional study, please read the “Spotlight on Research” article in this issue.

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure will select the recipients of our 2007 project awards in early May, just 60 days after releasing our request for applications.  We hold ourselves accountable for bringing new therapies to patients.  With the goal of getting funding into the hands of researchers as quickly as possible, we push an expedited grant review process.  As always, priority will be given to proposals that include multidisciplinary collaboration between investigators at different institutions and to studies that will have an immediate impact (leading to clinical trials within18 months).  Grants will be awarded for a one year period up to a maximum of $250,000 and the funding preference in 2007 is for translational research in the following areas:

  • Diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of disease status and response to therapy in glioma (including pediatric low-grade glioma);
  • The development of molecularly targeted therapeutics for brain cancer; and
  • Studies focused on quality of life in patients with brain cancer.

Spring will also serve as the marker for many exciting Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure events.  You will read more about the May 6th Race for Hope DC in this issue, along with profiles of some of the amazing people involved.  The Hawaii Bicycling League (HBL) selected us to be a charitable partner for the April 29th 2007 Haleiwa Metric Century bicycling event on the lovely north shore of Oahu. This year, the Haleiwa Metric Century will be held in memory of John B. Kelley, a beloved supporter of the organization, who passed away from brain cancer in 2006.  Like Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, John’s family and the board and staff at the Hawaii Bicycling League are keenly interested in raising awareness and supporting research efforts to find a cure. The Ride offers the opportunity to be a Haleiwa Superhero in honor of John B. Kelley by donating to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure sees spring 2007 as a hopeful reminder of all that can be accomplished by gathering committed individuals in search of a cure.  We have been fortunate to form several new partnerships with organizations and individuals equally committed to curing brain cancer and look forward to celebrating hope and progress this spring. 





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