Message from Kate Carr

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure President and CEO

My first eight months with Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure have been positively invigorating. I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of the researchers, industry representatives, patients and families for, and with, whom we work. I am inspired by the strength and dedication they exhibit and am energized to continue the momentum they and the Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure founders, Board of Directors, staff, and scientific advisors have created. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work in collaboration with them and want to express appreciation for their support and guidance.

I approach my role with Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure with great optimism and hope. Time and again, I hear from researchers and clinicians about their excitement surrounding the emerging possibilities for brain cancer patients. Our vision of making brain cancer a manageable disease is the motivation we use to fuel our energy and activities.

I want to commit to patients, researchers, family members, regulatory officials and industry leaders that Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure not only will continue its efforts in fostering translational research to discover and implement promising therapies for patients, but will work to identify new avenues and discover the best opportunities to achieve significant and measurable results.

Our approach to brain cancer research has always been to apply fresh thinking, innovation, collaboration, and accountability as demonstrated most typically in the for-profit business world. This approach is core to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and to our founders. As we move forward, we will remain mindful of the commitment our founders have made and the importance of applying the entrepreneurial drive that has generated success to date.

To continue the momentum and the quest to accelerate a cure for brain cancer, the organization will pursue four core areas: fund research and development – as well as entrepreneurial and organizational efforts – in the field of brain cancer; build collaboration among researchers, educators, medical professionals, industry, government, patients, and family members; provide action-oriented information and analysis to all involved parties; and raise overall awareness of brain cancer. We will prioritize strategic planning and collaboration – two of the very principles on which the organization was founded.

As we pursue these core areas, we will look for opportunities to convene and collaborate with all leaders in the cancer and brain disease communities. We will keep our eyes open and focused on the future of finding a cure, but take the time to assess our results. We will be flexible, and if we are not meeting our goals, we will revise our approach. We will focus on breaking down the silos that can limit advancement and cultivate the best collection of thinking. Most important, we will remain hopeful and committed to reaching the day when all brain cancer patients are told they have a manageable disease.





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