Max Wallace

Max Wallace

Chief Executive Officer

Max has served as Chief Executive Officer of Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure since August, 2008.  With his entrepreneurial biotechnology business background, Max is uniquely qualified to lead Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and its venture philanthropy approach to finding a cure for brain cancer.

Prior to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, Max served as Chief Executive Officer of TheraLogics, an anti-cancer biopharmaceutical company based on technology developed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Prior to TheraLogics, he helped found and develop a number of other notable biotech companies, including Trimeris (NASDAQ TRMS), Sphinx Pharmaceuticals Corporation (now part of Eli Lilly & Company), SARCO (now part of PPD/Pharmaco), and Cogent Neuroscience.

Max also served as President of the Arbor Group, a consulting firm providing strategic advice to innovation-driven universities, companies and communities.  In addition, Max helped found and served as Chairman of the North Carolina Innovation Foundation and served for two years as a Senior Fellow in Leadership and Innovation at the Institute for Emerging Issues at North Carolina State University, working on issues of public policy related to the development and commercialization of innovative technologies.

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