What Now

While we work to pioneer groundbreaking medical research, we continually examine ways in which to achieve our fundamental motivation: to add weeks, months and years to patients’ lives.

Patients often share with us that when they are first diagnosed they can feel overwhelmed – experiencing shock, panic and desperation. Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure wants to be a friend and teammate through this process, so we are creating WHAT NOW? - a resource to help navigate the complex decisions patients face.

This brief animated video covers our top 10 recommendations.  When fully realized, WHAT NOW? will serve as a guide through the process: from diagnosis, to treatment, to recurrence and beyond. We believe that empowered patients can truly help us accelerate the cure.

For a closer review of our top 10 recommendations, click HERE

Our WHAT NOW? guide includes a curated list of the best brain tumor resources on the web.

Our Brain Tumor Centers map can help you find the top hospitals that specialize in brain tumor care.



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