Smarter Research

Smarter Research

Our mission is straightforward: to invest in research aimed at finding the fastest possible route to a cure.  We plan to accomplish our mission with:

We often say that the role of ABC² is like that of Lewis and Clark – we venture into the wilderness, forge new trails and send back maps for others to follow.  In our case, the wilderness is brain cancer. 

Today in the US, 41 people died from the most common form of that disease called glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).  This happened yesterday and, unless things change, it will happen again tomorrow.  Sadly, physicians are still using the same basic treatment approaches that have been used for decades and, in spite of their best efforts over that time, the average life expectancy for a GBM patient is still about a year.  However, new tools and approaches are becoming available that can change this, perhaps materially. 

We are here to help lead the change, not just by creating and using the new tools to break new scientific trails, but just as importantly, by providing maps and knowledge that can catalyze changes in long-entrenched attitudes and behaviors within the research and treatment communities.

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