Since 2001, ABC2 has awarded more than 100 grants totaling over $20 million to world-renowned researchers and physician-scientists from 54 institutions. We think strategically about our research investments. Learn more about some of our featured projects by using the filter below to explore our six basic research areas.

Bringing Personalized Medicine to Malignant Glioma

Title: Bringing Personalized Medicine to Malignant Glioma
Investigator: Andrew Parsa
Grantee: University of California San Francisco

A major advantage of immunotherapy is its potential to bring personalized medicine to brain cancer treatment.  Dr. Andrew Parsa, a neurosurgeon at Northwestern University, is seeking to exploit this advantage by pioneering a new, personalized vaccine for the treatment of malignant glioma.

Early Immunotherapy for Low-Grade Glioma

Title: Optimizing dendritic cell vaccination for low-grade glioma patients
Investigators: Robert Prins and Linda Liau
Grantee: University of California Los Angeles

Vaccines that train the immune system to recognize and eliminate foreign invaders offer a powerful, personalized weapon in the fight against cancer.  To specialize this weapon for use in brain cancer, Dr. Robert Prins and Dr. Linda Liau (University of California Los Angeles) are developing an anti-tumor vaccine called DCVax.

Using Polio to Treat Glioma

Title: Non-pathogenic poliovirus recombinants for the treatment of malignant gliomas
Investigator: Matthias Gromeier
Grantee: Duke University