Living With Brain Cancer

August 21, 2014
Mark Green, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

Our beloved ABC2 teammate Mark Green was recently interviewed by our good friend Alex Case in an episode of the Random Walk In Life podcast. Click here to listen.

In the interview, Mark talks about what it is like to live with brain cancer, his career fundraising for educational institutions, and his current work with Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure to raise money for brain cancer research and treatment. For more from Mark, read his wonderfully witty, open and honest personal blog:

"This interview is a special one for me," says Alex. "ABC2 is an organization my father, Dan, co-founded after he found out he had a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma, a form of cancer that would claim his life at the age of 44." To learn more about Alex's father, Dan Case, and the founding of ABC2, click here.