ABC2 Collaboration Fuels New Pediatric Vaccine Trial at University of Florida

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure(ABC2) is pleased to announce a collaborative funding project to support a new and promising vaccine and immunotherapy program at the University of Florida. 

The University of Florida Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program (UFBTIP) was established in 2013 at the Preston A. Wells, Jr. Center for Brain Tumor Therapy.   The program aims to harness the killing power of the immune system to recognize and reject malignant brain tumor cells while rendering normal brain tissues unharmed.  ABC2 believes this approach may hold the greatest promise for developing effective brain tumor treatments in a reasonable time frame. 

The University has hired an exceptionally talented researcher to lead the program, Dr. Duane Mitchell.  Dr. Mitchell began his career at Duke University and helped build one of the world’s leading brain tumor vaccine programs.  ABC2 has worked with Dr. Mitchell for many years and funded his early research.  “Duane is a smart, dynamic physician researcher and leader.” says Max Wallace, CEO of Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure. “While he has only been in Gainesville for a few months, he has already magnetized a great team both within the University and in relationships with a host of other institutions that want to work with him.” 

The first project coming out of the program will be a Phase II clinical trial of a new vaccine for children with medulloblastoma.  Mitchell and his team have already done significant development work on this technology before coming to Gainesville, so they are now ready to start this pediatric medulloblastoma trial before the end of the year.  In addition, they are also working on vaccines for pediatric high grade glioma and for adult GBM. 

ABC2, with its strong research and brain tumor community ties in the state of Florida, forged partnerships with leading foundations and institutions to help fund Dr. Mitchell’s project.  Outstanding funding partners include Paul Hale at Children’s Brain Trust, the Florida Brain Tumor Association, the Rendina Family Foundation, the Florida Center for Brain Tumor Research and the thousands of participants and supporters of ABC2's Florida Brain Cancer 5k Run/Walk.

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